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Baringer Hill Minerals



Frank Roberts is lifelong "Uber" rockhound aka the Pragmatic Pegmatite Hunter.  He guides pegmatite hunts on several parcels in central Texas.  In Mason, Frank, has Emerald Hill which is  a Topaz and Fluorite Site, he provides guided hunts for various types minerals.  He has several other sites that he guides on as well for different specimens His website is  


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Where can you find your own topaz!

Mason Topaz - The Texas Gem

Topaz, the state gem of Texas, is only found within the borders of the state in Mason county. It occurs in granite outcroppings and soils principally in the Streeter, Grit and Katemcy areas.  It is usually found in streambeds and ravines but occasionally can be located atop the ground.


Topaz resembles quartz and ranges in color from clear to a pale blue.  The stones are beautiful when faceted.  Traditionally they are faceted into star cuts.  The early settlers called the topaz stones they found "desert ice" because of the frosted surface, which is produced by tumbling in streams and rivers for eons. Topaz in Texas is not mined commercially, so the only way to obtain stones is to buy them or to hunt them yourself, which is an enjoyable pastime in the cooler months of the year, except for November, December and early January when some ranches are closed for deer hunting. 



 The Ranches



Seaquist Ranch charges $15 per person per day; children ages 7-12 are $5 per day and children under 7 are free.  325-347-5413.  Open 7 days a week, 8am-Sunset.  Closed November- mid January.  


Lindsay Ranch (Cabin on Comanche Creek) charges $10 per person per day.  You can stay at one of the ranch's two B&B's or camping is available. To hunt, call 325-347-5733 or cell 325-347-4052, or email


Bar M Ranch Charges $15 per person per day.  They have campsites available along with Hunting and other activities.  To hunt, call 830-203-1611.


Beringer Hill Minerals  Charges $30 per person per day; children ages 12 and under are $15 per day To hunt, call 512-848-8309 or 210-240-1509, or email f



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